World Without Trusted Reporters

September 04, 2019 Renoir

Without trusted reporters spoofers are, once again, running rampant. Today’s example comes from Montana; we first heard about this account on Tuesday, September 2nd. It had reportedly been killing Enlightened fields and elderly portals.

Screenshot from Ingress: Redacted showing an obvious spoof account.

Another Obvious Spoofer

NiaOops reached out to contacts around the world and nobody can find any indication that the account is more than a week old. Agents have supplied us with data that indicates that it’s been in Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Montana.

It took under five and a half hours for the account to travel from Glendive, Montana, USA to Hong Kong.

According to the agents who reported this to us, the account has been reported to Niantic multiple times. They claim the tickets are closed, without any explanation, and the account is still not banned. The account is now Level 8 though.

We have similar reports from Europe, Florida, Southeast Asia, and a bit all over.