Shards Cause Drama

September 23, 2019 Renoir

Redditor mablesyrup took to Reddit yesterday to complain about the fact that the Shard in Romania hasn’t moved and there are agents in Romania actively working on stopping it from moving.

Hey Romania! from r/Ingress

This global shard event should be a lot easier than it has been. A few years ago, without xfac support, a Shard could spawn on one half of the globe and get scored at a target on a different hemisphere in four jumps. Not only did we have to outsmart the other faction, but Niantic would often change the rules.

Take what happened on Governor’s Island during 13 Magnus for example. Exhausted agents sent JARVIS Shard #1 to Governor’s Island so they could get some sleep. The island is only publicly accessible during summer months and the agents had captured the portals right before it had closed for the season.

Instead of enjoying a night off without having to worry about the shard, agents from the other faction pleaded with NiaOps to intervene. And, intervene NiaOps did. A new rule was posted on G+:

Jarvis Shards in certain kinds of Portals, such as those that are off-limits for human contact, will destabilize and re vert to or near their last known Portal.

NiaOps moved Jarvis Shard #1 from Governor’s Island, where the nobody could access it and everybody was finally enjoying a night of rest, to New Jersey where agents from the other faction took control of it and spirited it away as quickly as possible.

Kids these days have it easy with your xfac shards. Instead of complaining about what’s happening in Romania you should score some shards in your neck of the woods.

Oh, and get off my lawn.