Our Favorite Tweets 9/22 to 9/28

September 29, 2019

This week Niantic announced several features to support World Tourism Day. As the tweets below show, trainers were most thrilled with the announcement about the region-limited Pokemon available in 5km eggs.

It’s important to note that by announcing an event to promote tourism, one day before the event, instead of promoting tourism Niantic is promoting spoofing.

Trainers were also thrilled with Niantic’s announcement that they were optimizing the Pokemon Go experience for trainers. Apparently, this is code for removing their favorite spawn points.

Some trainers continued to reply about the missing spawn points in unrelated threads.

Some of the wizards playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unhinged aren’t happy with their favorite Niantic product. Neither of these complaints are shocking if you’ve been following how Niantic has treated agents and trainers for the last few years.

Speaking of agents, the [redacted] scanner is being retired tomorrow. Something something something Nemesis hacked [redacted], or something, and that’s why they have to shutdown the scanner. But, anywayz, we’re still seeing a stream of agents relutant to switch to Prime.