[redacted] Mods Revealed

October 01, 2019 Renoir

Developers responsible for mods to the [redacted] scanner have begun revealing what they had built now that it is officially retired and no longer works.

This Tweet shows the user interface for a mod that appears to aid in automatically hacking portals. There are options for whether or not to request glyphs and to adjust the accuracy of responding to glyphs.

Redditor clientBlob, previously responsible for leaking the Trusted Reporter guidelines and proxying an AMA for Trusted Reporters, is back and this time they suggest that there’s more details about [redacted] mods to be exposed.

With [REDACTED] gone, players are breaking silence from r/Ingress

With details about previously unknown [redacted] mods being released, what sorts of Prime mods is Niantic unaware of?