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October 13, 2019

This week Niantic renamed Operation Portal Recon to Wayfarer. This is the first step to opening the program to Pokemon-Go trainers. Sufficed to say, Ingress agents aren’t happy about it and Pokemon-Go trainers aren’t happy that they don’t have access yet.

Also, as is traditional about a Niantic release, Wayfarer is buggy as shit:

  • The new submission history in Wayfarer shows portals that were denied and never went live as being accepted
  • The new submission history in Wayfarer lost some submissions that haven’t been reviewed yet
  • The thresholds that Niantic uses to activate cooldown are way too low
  • Emails from Niantic now contain a link to the Google storage location for the portal image instead of an embedded image or a link to the portal in intel
  • The math behind the Total Wayfare scores appears to add up if you have reviewed very few, but it all falls apart for most people who have a lot of agreements for some reason
  • Upgrades are being counted as redeemed without actually doing anything
  • The UI was redesigned for Pokemon-Go trainers and is no longer intuitively layed out for agents who already knew what they were doing

Anywayz, here’s the agents on the matter:

Speaking of buggy as shit, trainers and wizards continue to speak out about Niantic failing to fix the bugs in their games.