Communication Is Dumb

August 03, 2022 Renoir

Niantic appears to have fixed the cycle score last night. The first two scores for 2022.30 remain incorrect, but the four subsequent checkpoints appear correct.

Still no communication from Niantic:

  • Nothing in the app
  • Nothing on the website
  • Nothing in the Community Forum
  • Nothing on Twitter
  • Nothing in Telegram
  • Nothing …

Ingress agents can rest assured that while Niantic isn’t interested in letting them know what is wrong with the game or when it will be fixed, Niantic is interested in every effort that can be made to monetize the game. Their most recent attempt to add store buttons to the carousel so Ingress agents can make accidental purchases when they want to deploy a resonator or fire an XMP appears to be very popular with the community. Niantic deserves to earn a profit off Ingress, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t trying to make it unplayable so that agents migrate to Peridot when it’s ready.