This Is An Intentional Change

August 05, 2022 Renoir

Niantic released a version of Ingress with new store buttons in the attack and deploy carousels. It’s a very popular feature and has increased sales of XMP, resonators, and CORE subscriptions because Ingress agents finally feel like Niantic is paying attention to them.

Just kidding … Agents have been reporting the new feature as a bug and have been referencing it as the main reason that they are terminating their CORE subscriptions.

In response to one of the bug tickets, Senior Producer at Niantic Brian Rose responded in a classically Niantic tone deaf manner:

We’re exploring ways to address fast scrolling, for example having a quick swipe land on your highest Level Resonator and not the promoted Store item in the Deploy carousel. Thank you for your feedback; this is an intentional change we announced in June

Brian also included a helpful link to the announcement in June promising to “refresh the bundles available on the Scanner carousels.” The announcement neglected to include details about how horribly it would be implemented and how poorly it would affect the ability of agents to access level 8 resonators.

A CORE subscription is currently $4.99/month in the United States, a ten resonator package from the carousel costs 1,000 CMU, and 2,500 CMU costs $1.99 in the United States. Agents must accidentally click the buy resonator button on the carousel 6.3 times a month for every agent who abandons their CORE subscription over this issue to make up for the lost revenue.