Profits Over Players

April 04, 2023 Renoir

Niantic really outdid themselves with these latest changes to Pokemon Go. Who needs affordable and accessible remote raids when you can make a few extra bucks by making it harder for trainers to participate in raids and raising the prices of remote raid passes?

They’re all about making a profit at Niantic, and if that means making gameplay more expensive and less enjoyable for their trainers, then so be it. After all, who needs happy and satisfied trainers when you can have a few extra dollars in your pocket?

Let’s talk about the limit of five Remote Raids per day. Genius move, am I right? They really thought about the trainers and their needs when they implemented that limit. Who needs to play more than five remote raids a day anyway? Trainers have jobs, families, and other obligations to attend to. You should be grateful for the five raids you get to do every day.

Niantic deserves a round of applause for another successful update that prioritizes profits over trainer satisfaction. After all, who needs happy customers when you can have a little extra cash in your pocket? Thank you, Niantic, for always putting your trainers last.