Anomalies First Quarter 2020

August 14, 2019 Renoir

In a surprise move Niantic released the list of anomaly sites for the first quarter of 2020 today. Excited agents taking advantage of discounts for booking early reserved their airfare.

Here’s the list of dates and cities for the upcoming anomalies:

Date Cities
2020/02/22 Bratislava, Slovakia
Christchurch, New Zealand
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Fort Worth, TX, USA
Macau, Macao
Minsk, Belarus
Sao Paolo, Brazil
St Louis, MO, USA
Valencia, Spain
2020/04/11 Los Angeles, CA, USA
2020/04/18 Kobe, Japan
2020/04/25 Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Late in the afternoon Krug posted to the community forums:

If you were a keen observer, you may have noticed that dates and cities for Anomalies in February and April were posted on our events page. These were posted erroneously.

We are considering some of these cities and some of these dates. But it is extremely likely that there will be changes to the final schedule and cities from what was revealed today. As an unintended consequence, we received a bunch of useful feedback.

Look for a final list to be published in the near future. Official announcements will always come with a social media campaign of some sort.

Us here at NiaOops sincerely hope that your tickets are refundable.