Beta Wave 2 Released

September 26, 2018 Monet

Niantic began sending out invites to Beta Wave 2 participants today. There was only one problem, the link in the email doesn’t work. It results in a 404 error.

Before sending the emails to the Beta Wave 2 participants, Niantic announced to the POC Slack:

Invites for the second phase of beta, that was delayed two weeks, are going to start going out in batches starting today and spanning the next few days. This includes the POCs here. We won’t be giving beta access to iOS12 people who register for upcoming anomalies.

Oh, yeah, and the previously announced promises to provide Beta access to iOS users screwed by Niantic’s earlier decision to not support iOS 12 on the current version of Ingress was revoked. Niantic altered the deal and you had better pray that they don’t alter it further.