Ingress Store Price Increases

Brian Rose made an announcement today in the Community Forums:

Hi, your friendly neighborhood Ingress producer here. I wanted to share an update about recent changes I’ve made on the Store: I added a new bundle with common Heat Sinks for the Aurora live op for players who could use just a bit of extra help perfecting their glyph hacks. I’m also in the process of updating what items are available on the Store, and at what prices and quantities. I’m making these changes to explore ways to make Ingress more sustainable, and you’ll see more updates on the Store and on the Ingress app going forward as we continue to experiment. We’re here listening to feedback, and we’ll continue to iterate and improve. Thank you.

The most significant change appears to be doubling the prices of Fracker’s in the store:

Niantic has decided to double the price of all the fracker bundels in the store from r/Ingress

These announcements probably had nothing to do with the announcement one week ago that Niantic had banned 8,000 accounts that were being used to farm gear for item sellers.