Prime Popular on Twitter

August 31, 2019 Renoir

Here’s the top ten replies on Twitter to Niantic’s announcement that September 30th will be the day they retire the Redacted scanner.

John earned a lot of favorites by parodying their announcement.

Alexandre is having fun with acronyms.

This next tweet really stands out to me. It’s my personal favorite out of all the replies.

Paul’s reply is pretty common. Lots of agents announcing that they are retiring. We’ll have to see how many actually carry through with their threats.

This next agent is concerned because Prime doesn’t perform very well on low-end phones.

Another common sentiment.

We’ll have to see if Prime is enough to actually kill off the only intellectual property that Niantic actually owns.

Happy Birthday!

I have a hard time believing this next one. Check Ace’s stats in scanner when you get a minute to see why. Hanke barely plays. If I recall correctly he only earned two points in this last challenge. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if he announced that he was retiring on September 30th either.

Kimberly is concerned because Prime still has accessibility issues. I don’t recall any of these accessibility issues being addressed in the list of fixes that Niantic is planning for Prime before Redacted is finally shutdown either.