Agents Lament End of Trusted Reporter Program

September 01, 2019 Renoir

Reports have started to come in from agents who are having difficulty getting obvious spoofers banned. They blame Andrew Krug’s decision to reboot the Trusted Reporter program for their troubles. They counted on Trusted Reporters to take their reports, provide honest feedback, and prioritize tickets with NiaOps. Agents are back to feeling ignored by a system that closes their tickets without any feedback.

Today’s report comes from an agent who is disappointed because they had been involved in a BAF operation over a large urban area. The anchors had been carefully chosen for their durability.

On August 27th a Level 5 Enlightened agent appeared at one of the remote anchors and managed to knock off enough resonators to drop the BAF. It was the first time in 230 days that an agent from either faction had visited the portal.

Screenshot from Ingress: Redacted showing an obvious spoof account.

Obvious Spoofer

It would have been a simple submission under the Trusted Reporter program. A level 5 agent who had earned all their AP from glyph hacking. A level 5 agent whose first action is killing a remote BAF anchor. A level 5 agent who didn’t capture the BAF anchor or any of the other portals in the area. A level 5 agent who hasn’t done anything since.

The agents submitted support tickets. The tickets are already closed and the alleged spoofer is not banned. A trusted reporter would have counseled the agents about why the ticket didn’t deserve escalation or assurances that the ticket had been manually reviewed by NiaOps. Without a Trusted Reporter or Vanguard to submit the restoration ticket, and without a banned spoofer, the portal will not be restored. The Resistance agents are having to work on plans to send an agent to recapture the remote durable.

If you know of a portal that’s been spoofed, if NiaOps won’t help you, and if you can find your email client, maybe you can email