Trusted Reporter Program Updates

November 03, 2019 Renoir

Better late than never? Andrew Krug initially announced that Niantic was rebooting the Trusted Reporter program back on August 21st. The program ended on August 26th with a goal to “have the next version of program up and running late next week …”

Here we are more than two months later and we finally have an update.

Trusted Reporters 2.0 from r/Ingress

Why did I choose to link to that Reddit post instead of the original announcement? It’s because, after month of silence on the subject, Krug is responding in the comments.


Most agents who I’ve discussed it with actually felt that the original Trusted Reporter program was pretty effective. So everybody is actually befuddled (great word BTW) about why it’s taken so long to reboot the program. Especially because nobody has been willing to go on record about why it had to be rebooted in the first place.

Speaking of …


That little outburst is interesting, isn’t it?

Anyways, enjoy … At this rate we might get to do something about spoofers again this century.