Nice Try Trolls

September 05, 2019 Renoir

Here’s one example of a troll trying to spread a rumor that the Trusted Reporter program is still active:


On August 21st Andrew Krug confirmed that the Trusted Reporter program was being rebooted and that there would be a period of time between the end of the current program and the start of the new-and-improved program. The original program was terminated on August 26th. The Slack was shutdown and all Trusted Reporters lost their ability to escalate support tickets.

Since Krug has ended the program NiaOops has reported on two cases of agents having, what they considered to be very obvious, support tickets about spoofers that were closed without bans. The first case involved a Level 5 agent attacking a 220 day old durable portal to drop a BAF. The second one featured another brand new agent traveling from Montana to Hong Kong in less than six hours.