Krug Provides Trusted Reporter Update

September 06, 2019 Renoir

It’s been 16 days since Andrew Krug confirmed the rumors that the Trusted Reporter program was being rebooted. This morning he provided a brief update on the new program:

Update on Trusted Reporter program from r/Ingress

The original announcement promised that there would be a new Trusted Reporter program, “up and running late next week or the week after at the latest.” Those deadlines have passed and, like most Niantic rollouts, today we were informed that there would be a delay.

Several agents noted that today’s update appeared to emphasize that “mass reporting an account will not have an impact on NIA OPS taking an action.” It’s hardly surprising that agents are resorting to mass reports against spoofers now that they don’t have Trusted Reporters to support them.

Twice this week NiaOops has published details about suspected spoofers that would have been fairly straightforward cases under the previous Trusted Reporter program. NiaOops has confirmed that, despite tickets submitted via the support site, neither spoofer has been banned yet. There has not been any activity reported from the first account that was described. However, the account that “traveled” from Montana to Hong Kong in less than six hours was noticed capturing portals in Indonesia this afternoon.