Will Trusted Reporters Program Reboot?

September 20, 2019 Renoir

Wednesday, unceremoniously, marked the one month anniversary of Andrew Krug announcing that the Trusted Reporter program was being rebooted and we still do not have any details about the program that was supposed to replace it within a week or two of the announcement. The last update that we did receive was two weeks ago, the initial deadline for replacing it, when Krug said it was “taking longer than anticipated” to establish the new program.

Monday will mark the one month anniversary when the program was officially terminated. Since it’s been shutdown agents have reported several cases of, what they thought were obvious, spoofers who would have been easy to get banned through the previous Trusted Reporter program. Agents are reporting that it’s just as difficult to deal with standard tickets as it was before the Trusted Reporter program.

This morning we checked the accounts in the two cases that NiaOops had reported on earlier, Agents Lament End of Trusted Reporter Program and World Without Trusted Reporters, and both accounts remain alive. One account hasn’t appeared to have been played since the alleged spoofing incident and the other account has earned itself a new, silver, mind controller badge (Congratulations?).