Niantic Understands Recursion

December 25, 2019 Renoir

Yesterday I was reminded that I still hadn’t reviewed Trusted Reporter 2.0. For those of you who are new here, feel free to catchup on the saga that’s been Trusted Reporters 2019:

According to the Trusted Reporter 2.0 inagural Community Post if you suspect a spoofer all you have to do is contact @IngressEnlTRBot or @IngressResTRBot and complete the four easy steps.

After you contact @IngressEnlTRBot or @IngressResTRBot they prompt you to complete a two step process. The first of those steps is to visit and fill out a Google Form.

The first question on the Google Form asks if you completed the first three action items sent from the bot.

So, four steps according to the community post. Two steps according to the bot. Three steps according to the Google Form. They can’t even get the number of steps right. And then you’re stuck in an infinite loop. Do I fill out the form first? Or do I submit the information to the bot?

In a nutshell, after two weeks stretched into several months Niantic has rebooted the Trusted Reporter program and they managed to make it more difficult and confusing to use than it had been before.

Happy Holidays everybody!